Raspberry 3 - SMB not working

Hey there,

no matter what I try I cant find my Qnap NAS Shares (no UPNP nor SMB or anything else).
I tried to add it manually with smb://ipadress/Share β†’ the exact same way as I did on Kodi (Windows).

Can you guys help me with that? Without acessing my NAS OSMC is totally useless :frowning:

Thank you

I think this should help you out

Edit: SOrry didnt get you sent a Link in here! I will check this out now!

Yes I have set up a media center (Kodi on my Windows PC) I also used it with raspbian fine.
Now I use OSMC for Hyperion - thats the only reason why I use it anyway.

I stream high quality media over my wifi just fine to my PC so that should not be the problem…


Thank you very much @fzinken

Solution: use: smb://user:password@SERVER/sharename/folder


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