Raspberry Pi 2 fresh install issues with skin and white noise


I was using OSMC on RPI B+ and it was such an enjoyable experience so i decided to upgrade to RPI 2.

I bought one and did a fresh install using latest downloadable version, almost everything went fine, WiFi, screen resolution, audio output to analogue, but, the skin looked ugly, it was a blue background with no effects and the text didn’t look right, or at least looked worse than what i had on RPI B+

I thought i needed to update so i updated using OSMC and restarted then updated using apt-get and all the same, i checked screen resolution and verified that both are at 1080p.
I’ll attach photos taken by my mobile for both, background difference won’t be clear but i hope someone will notice.
RPI 2 photo

RPI B+ photo

Also, on RPI B+ i never experienced white noise, but on RPI 2 i always experience white noise using same analogue output and same volume, however, i noticed that the white noise disappears after a couple of idle seconds, then once i do anything it is back.

One last thing as u’ll see in the below photo, i always get prompt on RPI 2 of PVR, i haven’t configured PVR as i don’t have one and i haven’t made any changes to any configurations, this is a fresh install without even any media added to library.

This is how OSMC skin looks like now… :wink: you can change this skin back to what we used before it’s called “confluence”.

look under system → Appearance → Skin.


Thanks for your reply :smile:

But i don’t want to go back to Kodi default skin, i want same look as on my old RPI B+
Or is that impossible to achieve now?

What skin where you using before? just install that again…


As you see in the RPI B+ photo, i had no custom skin installed, just OSMC default.

I checked both RPIs and both show “OSMC” as choosen skin, however they still look different.

Your Pi B+ is clearly running a very old version of OSMC - in the bottom it says Kodi was compiled on May 19th - that is before OSMC was officially released so will be one of the early RC releases. The skin has been reworked a lot since then - this skin you show in the top RPI 2 image is correct.

The analogue output of the Pi is quite noisy unfortunately, that is a hardware limitation. Check you have the master volume turned right up in Kodi and have the audio settings correct in System->Settings->Audio, they are probably set differently to what you have on the B+.

You are running completely different versions of Kodi on the two systems, and different versions of the Raspberry Pi firmware as well, this will account for the difference in noise heard when video is not playing.

If you want good quality audio you should be using HDMI audio or one of the I2C/USB sound cards.

You’re probably hitting the wrong button on your keyboard or remote - this won’t come up by itself, and certainly not on a fresh install. Pressing B will bring up the PVR mode and display the message you show if you don’t have PVR configured.

Thanks for the detailed reply! :smile:

Well, it looks like this is the “finished” skin, however, it looks ugly, the old “unfinshed” skin looked much much better, background with an effect, menus text with more spacing, may be it is just me but i feel the old skin is more neat and actually beautiful.

I don’t have any thing connected, not a keyboard and not a mouse, i get this messages and when i get it i open Yatse remote on my android phone and click “cancel”.

Is there a setting or configuration you want me to check to stop the PVR thing?

So you are saying that simply booting a fresh install of OSMC brings up the PVR warning ? I find this quite hard to believe… nobody else has reported such a problem.

Are you sure it’s not the Yatse app that is triggering it to appear ?

Well, i open Yatse after seeing this message, and the message appeared after updating and restarting, but since this is a fresh install, i won’t lose a damn thing so i’ll wipe the SD card and install OSMC again.

If you have a TV with CEC it may be your TV remote that is sending a command to the Pi.

By default one of the four colour buttons on the TV remote will be mapped to PVR.