Raspberry pi 2 input/output data


I’m prettt green in this so please dont be mad at me …
I’m having some problems with my raspberry. After launching torrent file, after 2-3 min I’m getting an error about input/output data and file stops downloading… I’m using transmisions addon. I know I’ve given you very little info. Please guide me how to send you log and what else do you need.
I have an external hdd with its own power supply and two weeks ago everything was working like a charm

Possible reasons:


and also:

Go to “Transfers” on the drop down menu, and click on “Verify Local Data”. If it’s not clickable, pause the download first and then do it. Wait for it to check all the data and then continue the download.
That’s it!
This will make Transmission re-check the data it’s downloaded. The reason for the error is that Transmission thinks (for whatever reason) that it has downloaded some data (when it hasnt) and it tries to upload it for other seeders…which fails, and gives this error.

Thank you for your respond!

I think my harddrive is ok, because it works fine while connected into PC

I can see two File system on my raspberry:

/dev/mmcblk02p2 (size 7.08G, avaible is 1.4G, use 5,3G, mounted on 20%)

/dev/mmcblk02p1 (size 240M, avaible is 20M, 220M, mounted on 9%) / boot

It could be a reason ?

Hmmm those are your pi’s partitions. Where is the external hd ? :slightly_smiling:

First of all in the transmission settings, where are you saving your torrent? On the external HD or the pi? Because Your pi doesn’t have a lot of space to save movies on it. Not to mention that you shouldn’t save any torrents on it due to the many read/writes.

I thought you only need Pi’s partitions :slight_smile:

The rest:

/dev/sda1 (size 677G, avaible is 676G, used 1 %) /media/Data
/dev/sda2 (size 187G, avaible is 177G, used 6 %) /media/Music
/dev/sda3 (size 993G, avaible is 560G, used 44 %) /media/Films

I can watch films from HDD, listen music etc. but when I start downloading - everything freezes and I need to make hard reset

Mayby I should recreate this situaction? And send the logs?

I’m downloading directly into HDD (media/Films), and I’ve been doing it since I got Pi.