Raspberry Pi 2 Skins Compatible with OSMC

At the risk of being told that we cannot discuss addons in this forum, I was wondering if the question of which lightweight skins (other than the OSMC skin itself), suitable for Raspberry Pi 2, will work with OSMC.

Even a less specific list of all OSMC compatible skins would be helpful.

If no one can point me to such a list, it will have to continue to be trial and error on my part.

Allow me to clarify that I am not looking for “recommended” skins or skins that OSMC endorses in any way. I just want to know which ones will work with OSMC RC3, prior to installing and configuring one, only to find out it is not compatible because the Search box is blank or because some of my addon icons (in one case, the OSMC Settings icon) won’t display.

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Kodi is Kodi. OSMC is a linux distro optimized to run Kodi on a number of low powered devices. ANY Kodi skin is compatible with Kodi (if it has been properly maintained by it’s developers). How any skin performs on a user’s low powered device is up to the user to determine.

Adding any specific icon to a skin may require different steps depending on which skin is in question, though they should be quite similar. The MyOSMC settings icon would be found under the “Programs Addon” selection as it likely won’t be available under “Video Addons”.

As to “being told that we cannot discuss addons”… There are specific addons whose only purpose are to infringe copyright therefore discussion of such is not allowed by forum policy here. This would be in line with forum rules on the official Kodi forum as well. I’m not sure how you have construed that skin discussion would fall into such a category.

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