Raspberry Pi 3 Boots - No Signal to HDMI

Running the latest update of OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

The Pi seems to boot normally. Red LED comes on and the green one blinks for several seconds before going off completely. I have changed out power supplies, HDMI cables, and SD cards. CEC on my TV even recognizes Kodi.

Before changing SD cards, I could SSH into the Pi like normal. Changing settings in config.txt has done nothing.

Everything worked normally yesterday and now no signal to HDMI.

Can you still SSH into it? Then logs would be helpful.

I’m now having trouble establishing a connection to SSH into it. Is there another way to get the log files?

If you can’t SSH in, then you have more serious problems. Did you try the original SD card? If you try without the SD card do you at least get the rainbow screen?

Unfortunately like an idiot I formatted both SD cards and tried a clean install on both. I think that’s causing my SSH issues now because I don’t know what the IP is and it isn’t showing up on my list of connected devices.

Booting with no SD card inserted gets me the same results as if it were inserted. No rainbow screen, no signal.

Unfortunately, sounds like the Pi has failed then :frowning: Just to be sure, you could try installing Raspbian to an SD card for testing.

Ah, dang. That sucks if that’s the case, but at least it’s only $35. I’ll give Raspbian a shot and get back to you. Thanks for the quick responses, bud.

NP. Another thought, did you try a different port on the TV or a different TV to rule that out?

The TV has two HDMI ports, and I’ve tried both. I haven’t put it on another TV yet.