Raspberry PI 3 crashed when using Transmission

I have installed OSMC last version on a Raspberry PI 3. I installed openvpn via ssh and then Transmission via AppStore.
I configured some IP Filter in Transmission and also a usb flash drive is used to store downloads for Transmission. I have the original power supply but the version of 2A.
When Transmission is running, after some time (hours) Raspberry is unresponsive: ssh does not work and GUI freezes, but the ping works.
I take a look at the log, but they do not report anything before and after the failure occurs (about 17-18): http://paste.osmc.io/cuqovumeka
What do you think?

Hello there.

I have exactly the same problem with my rpi3. I have Deluged installed (and thin client on a windows system). When the download reach it’s limits ~1MB/s the Wifi will drop after some time.

I had no problem with latest Raspbian (updated,upgraded and rpi-updated). So I decided to to the the same to osmc. I know that rpi-update is a taboo for OSMC but I decided to take my chances because I think the Wifi is unstable because of drivers.

I will have some results later and I will report.


After all these days I feel that the system is little more stable. The Wifi connection stays connected a little more than before and if the connection is dropped it comes up again after a while.

So final result is that it’s little better but the problem is not solved at all