Raspberry Pi 3B: Empty Programs/Add-ons directory

I just downloaded and installed the latest disk image of osmc and installed it on my Pi 3B. It seems to work fine except one thing: There are no Programs/Add-ons available - at all.

In the start menu, I chose Programs, then “Get more”. And there’s just an empty list. No way that I can see to find anything at all.

The same if I go to Settings -> Add-ons - it’s just an empty directory.

In my previous installation, on my Pi 2B, there were tons of Programs/Add-ons available. No there are zero.

Any ideas?

I see some people talking about refreshing the repository, but there’s nowhere in the menus to do that. I HAVE run apt-get update while logged in via SSH, but that did absolutely nothing.

have you tried rightclicking on repository and choosing refresh ?


Where and how?

When I go to Programs, there are two elements: My OSMC and Get more

If I right-click on My OSMC, I get these choices:

  • Addon information
  • Addon settings
  • Go to root
  • Add to favorites

If I click on “Get more”, I get

  • Go to root.

There’s no repository anywhere that I can see…?

Also, the GUI doesn’t look remotely like the one in the Wiki you’re linking to. I have s blueish background with the menu on the right…

EDIT: Ok, I changed the appearance to the kodi theme. Now things look different…

Why are you right clicking on MyOSMC? It’s a pre-installed add-on! Go to the add-ons section within Kodi system settings and you’ll find repositories. It’s all in the link @Toast provided.

The problem is/was that with the classic theme, there’s no settings for the repositories. When I changed to the kodi theme, suddenly a lot more was available.