Raspberry Pi Audio options

Hi, I’m thinking about buying a Raspberry Pi 2 to use with OSMC, but before I make the plunge, I would like to sort out my options for audio. My receiver has digital and optical inputs for 5.1 audio, along with the regular RCA stereo inputs (no HDMI inputs or outputs). Currently I have an optical audio out from an Apple TV to my receiver, and HDMI out for video to my TV. Is the Raspberry PI audio out strictly stereo or HDMI, or is there some USB adapter, etc. that allows other options? I appreciate any advice.

You want something like HiFiBerry or iqAudio

Okay, so has anybody tried the Digi+? Does OSMC support the audio goodness? I’ve been routing audio via HDMI to the tv, then using the tv’s digital audio out to go to my amp. Would the TOSLINK give more options, or better audio quality? Even if it costs as much as the Pi itself, lol?

Those DACs work in OSMC, but disable ‘GPIO remote support’ in Pi Config firs.t


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You want something like HiFiBerry or iqAudio
Sam [/quote]

Thank you, Sam- information that is much appreciated. The HiFiBerry Digi+ has an optical out, which would work for me. And I hope I am correct in assuming by your response above, that it will be 100% compatible with OSMC.

Sam? Anyone? Experience or thoughts on this $10 board? Phantom YoYo

The price is right and it reportedly works with OSMC…

EDIT1: Oops. Apparently it doesn’t do 5.1 audio.
EDIT2: Or maybe it does? There seems to be some disagreement.

(I hope somebody sees this…I don’t think it would be helpful to start a new thread.)

I just remembered! I already have one of these: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA202.aspx

Plugged into a RPi2, would that work to give me an optical audio out for my receiver?

If you ready have it, why not try it ?

I have the Behringer dongle-thingy, what I don’t have is a Raspberry Pi- yet. As I stated in the first post, at present I’m using an Apple TV but looking at other options. I would like 5.1 audio into my receiver (no HDMI). Sam recommended the HiFiBerry; now I’m just looking at cheaper alternatives.

If there is optical out in your tv, you can just put your optical cable from your tv to receiver. That works well for me.

I will try that. I have ordered a Raspberry Pi, which should arrive Monday.