Raspberry pi osmc stable version

I have had trouble getting a osmc working on the rpi 2. I have tried several versions and had trouble getting them working. Could anyone recommend a stable version.

OSMC has been stable for some time. If you are having such a hard time with any version, that would seem to indicate a hardware issue, probably your power supply or your sdcard.

The SD card and the power supply are ok. The last version I used had a sad face loop?

How have you verified/tested this? Or are you just assuming?

When did this occur?
Straight after install?
First boot?

Specifics help us diagnose possible causes.


I’m new to OSMC and had a similar problem. My problem was that I downloaded an image from someone which was with hindsight problematic.

I installed the latest stable version on my pi2 and its superfast. I also changed my wifi adapter to a recommend for Pi adapter which has also helped!

Dont give up OSMC is awesome!