Raspberry Pi Zero CPU maxing out all the time

I have been having issues with the CPU maxing out all the time. It was causing all kinds of errors, freezing and the like.

I found this wee nugget from the Kodi forums. I hope it helps someone who may be having similar issues;

cd ~/.kodi/userdata
vi advancedsettings.xml or nano advancedsettings.xml

Copy the following;


Save & exit

We already have dirty regions enabled by default in OSMC.
nofliptimeout = 0 is already the default in Kodi. It will be removed in the next version of Kodi.

Well it has taken my CPU from 100% to about 25%. Do you know what may have caused this?

Thank you for the help

Are you sure? Does removing this reduce the spike?

I suspect your device was just doing something else, perhaps updating add-ons at the time. I’m sure if you remove the changes you made, the CPU will remain low.

It seems OK after removing and rebooting, but I’ll keep an eye on it as it’s been up at 100% for days, even after every reboot. If it persists without the advancedsettings.xml file I’ll let you know