Raspberry Pi Zero - which HDMI Version; 1.3, 1.4 etc...?

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy an HDMI to A/V converter such as this: Ebay Link.

This converter specifies only HDMI version 1.3 compatibility.

Before I spend, I want to know what version HDMI my Zero uses?

More info on the versions Here

This adapter is for our car. it currently has a screen in the rear with A/V phono connectors, which has worked well for previous PI’s, but now I’m trying to use a Zero, I need analogue audio and video. I know there is a header for composite video, but there is no audio header, so I’d have to buy a USB sound card anyway. This HDMI to A/V box seems like a simple solution.

Cheers, Scott

I’m pretty sure the header on the Pi Zero has 4 terminals, video, L and R audio and ground so all you need is a breakout cable
see here: http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2014/07/raspberry-pi-model-b-3-5mm-audiovideo-jack/

Pi Zero doesn’t have a 3.5mm connector.

Not only that, it doesn’t have any header pins for audio, it also doesn’t include the on-board filtering for PWM to Analogue out… It only has header location for composite video out. Alternatively, Adafruit gives a solution here for analogue audio out.

I have just connected a USB sound card, and it worked very nicely.

I guess this question is more aimed at giving my car HDMI input capability, rather than giving the Zero analogue out capability.

Since I have a plug and play solution working for audio, I may utilise the Zero composite video output. It just means connecting up is a little more fiddly.

Cheers, Scott.