Raspberry pi2 with osmc/kodi 15 for only read upnp

hi all, i wanna buy a raspberry pi 2 1gb for stream video files into my tv, all files are storage in my external hard disk and that is connected in dlna with my router, i just wanna know before to buy if there i’ll find problem to see my video files through this metod.

router+hard disk in dlna
wired raspberry pi2(thanks to TpLink Powerline)
raspberry via hdmi to my tv.

i’ve read that some people find some problem with upnp and raspberry, if it’ll not work in that metod i ll waste my money :frowning:
o hope someone can tell me more advice for my requirements, best regards.

worst comes to worst just setup a samba (MS window) share on your router.

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But i ve choose to use router and hard disk dlna for take off the main pc, i cant use samba

I can’t imagine any reason why you can’t use samba. Every router I’ve ever seen supports it and every pc I’m aware of can also support samba.

so samba i need to install and configure it in raspberry pi 2? I dont know how samba can work if main pc is off and i ve on only router with hdd and rpi

Good routers support SAMBA and DLNA (I recommend DD-WRT at this point)
What kind of router you have?
Why not connect that USB Drive directly on the PI2?

DLNA should work -> KODI DLNA

i’ve a Technicolor AG plus VDNT-S Router VDSL2

i cant connect that usb drive directly on pi2 because i dont have enough space.

and in few week i ll keep an htpc where i’ll download and play my files, and thank to this i’ll share the files to raspberry pi2 in the 2nd room. So if upnp doesnt work fine i ll need to take another media player.

you can try DLNA first if you like.
But if you get some HTPC or NAS anyway that’s the way to go!
If OSMC (KODI) can’t play or access your files I guess no other player will.