Raspberry pi3 Samba not accessible

Hi guys, i installed Samba in Raspberry Pi3. I am able to see OSMC in both ES explorer from my android phone. Also, similiar thing happening from my Windows laptop, even though am able to see my OSMC, i am not able to copy/paste a file to/from osmc.

Can somebody help me out with this.


Did you install it from the App store?

Yes i installed it from App store.

What error message are you getting? Are you authorizing with your osmc user?

Yes i authorized it with osmc user.
I am able to see 2 folders (osmc and another one). I am not able to open the folder.

You should see an OSMC folder and one folder that represent any automounted device.
Which error message do you get when you try to open it?
Provide debug logs


Has everyone has said logs would help.

Can you copy to / from the device the same files on the android device that you can’t on the windows device, or are you trying different files / folders?

Log into your device via SSH and navigate to the folder you’re trying to copy files from then type:

ls -la

I’m thinking the particular files you’re trying to copy / paste may not have the correct permissions or may be in a folder that don’t have the correct permissions.

I will check into this today, once i reach home. Thanks