Raspberry Pi3 Update from OSMC May 2017.05-2 to 2017.05-3 Problems

Hi there,
I was using my RP3 and have been constantly from last 5 months and also been updating, last week when I updated my RPI3 from 2017.05-2 to 2017.05-3 it installed successfully but after when I manually rebooted it refuse to startup.
I have again formatted the my Micro SD card and installed fresh 2017.05-2 went through all the setps and after that updated to 2017.05-3 but again the same, I am unable use it, after the boot screen it stuck. I am even unable to login and upload logs

This is really vague.

I am currently (Right now) again Installing Fresh, same SD Card downloaded and installed 2017.05-2 from installer inserted the card into RPI3 and I see on the screen it is installing. but I am afraid when I will update online from 2017.05-2 to 2017.05-3 it will be again the same.

You need to explain what the issue is.

Sure Same I will try to Explain once again.
I have Fresh Installed OSMC Version 2017.05-2 from the installer using my Mac Book, it installed all fine with out any problem, screen shoot at this link (Dropbox - File Deleted ).
Screen shoot for the OMSC running after fresh install (Dropbox - File Deleted )

Now after this fresh install when I check for updates and system tells me there is update available, after downloading and successfully installing the update RPI starts normal, but after that when I reboot it is stuck at OSMC Logo.
I hope you understand ?

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Your screenshot only shows My OSMC.
I don’t see your issue, i.e.

Of- Course it doesn’t, because after I apply the update OSMC MAY 2017.05-3 it reboots fine, but then after that when I manually reboot the RPI3 it won’t pass the boot screen and only OSMC logo will display, so how can I show logs if I am unable to login into RPI in that state.

FYI when I went to manual updates I saw a option there “Apply Hotfix” what is that for, may be I should apply that in order to solve it ?

Ok standard question, when that happens can you still login via ssh?

Other than that sounds like either SD card issue or power supply. Try first a different SD card and if that doesn’t fix it swap the power

I am unable to Login via SSH, or may be I am not so Pro,
About SSD or Power Supply I am 100% certain it is not the Issue, Because when I re-format and install the initial Version of OSM MAY 2017.05-2 on the Same Card and it works like a charm. problem is definitely with OSMC Update


Instructions for logging in to the pi via ssh, can be found here:

If you can gain ssh access, please run the following command:

grab-logs -A

This will provide a url, please post here. This should give us more Idea of whats going on.

Thanks Tom.

Hi there,
Thanks, I have managed to login via ssh but again (while on OSM MAY 2017.05-2) not the very latest version.
Here is the link to log files

No one has this problem except you so, it definitely can’t be a problem with OSMC or the update. Try to SSH and provide logs after installing the update that causes you problems as @Tom_Doyle has suggested.

Sure will do, but you didn’t noticed even in this version you might see the logs ( My OSMC) error logs ?

These logs don’t indicate any software issue that I see. The problem is either some piece of hardware on your end or some failure in acquiring and applying the update in your environment.

Try another SD card.

I have Tried on Three different Micro Sd Cards, out of which 2 are brand new. and all of them are HC CLASS 10 Card. they just works fine before the update and after updating it sticks on the Blue Screen with logo or some times with out logo.

Does dtoverlay=mmc in config.txt help?
In the May update we moved from 4.4 to 4.9; if there have been changes to the
SDHost driver this may be causing a problem with booting.


Dear Same,
I am kind of dumb not a pro, it would be great if you could elaborate about 4.4 to 4.9 about dtoverlay=mmc in config.txt help?

Sam just means that with the latest kernel from 4.4 to 4.9 there might have been a change to the SDHost driver. Therefore he recommends that you try to add dtoverlay=mmc to config.txt (which is a file on the first (fat32) partition of the SD Card that you can edit from your PC) and then try to boot.