Raspberry Touch problem

Got an Raspberry Pi 2 and the Raspberry touchdisplay. I’m running OSMC with all updates. After starting the Pi I can use the display touch without any trouble. But after a few minutes I get phantom clicks and the touch is of no use anymore.
I restarted the Pi with a mouse attached but also this one is not working after the phantom clicking starts.
I read a lot on different pages and now I’m trying to recalibrate the touch. But I cannot find anything how to do that. Can anyone help?


Hi shorty74,
I have the same problem, with raspbian I just updated some libraries and then it works fine. But I tried to update in OSMC and first of all libraries are not in the repository. Did you solve this problem?

Hi cesar 527,
with raspbian didn’t have any trouble. Only with OSMC. After testing a few hours I realized that my touch plate was coming off. So I returned it. I got an replacement but didn’t have time to test this one.

Which libraries did you update on raspbian?