RaspberryPi shutdown automatically


I’m having an issue with the latest osmc version (I just installed it)

After a couple of hours of inactivity, my RP3 just stop working completely:

  • Disconnect from wifi
  • usb HDD turn off
  • usb keyboard doesn’t wake it up

My powersupply isn’t the problem (I just changed it with anotherone used on another RP3 with also OSMC)

I’ve done a debug:

Anybody have faced a similar issue?


Please use grab-logs to upload logs or manually upload to paste.osmc.tv

it’s done

We need the URL which is provided then. The URL is case sensitive.

I updated the first post!
http://paste.osmc.tv/ufimewemuz.vhdl1 : I didn’t used it for a couple of hours and when I tried to wake it up, nothing happened
http://paste.osmc.tv/utisitoxob.coffee : I didn’t used it for 1 minute and when I tried to wake it up, it woke up.

And by the way, I don’t get the difference between paste.osmc and the link I provided initially… (http://ix.io/Hbo)

Well the difference is one is a webpage that I trust and the other is just a random provider.