Raspbery pi 3 with Kodi 18.7 crashing every few days


My raspberry pi 3 with kodi 18.7 is crashing every few days:
Crashing explained:
Screensaver: date & time from a few days ago
no reaction on mouse or remote from TV.

connected via putty: sudo reboot not working
systemctl stop mediacenter
systemctl start mediacenter
both not working

only thing that working is pulling out the power adapter en replugging it in.

here are my logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/busitoyifu

any of you an idea where to look to solve this problem?



Try it with these three lines removed from your config.txt


Do you have any idea where these values are coming from?
I never set up these values.



There was a bug in the My OSMC add-on some time back which caused the file to be modified when you entered the overclocking section even when you did not set any values or tell it to save. This function has since been removed from the add-on so if you edit those out it will not happen again.

I’ve had the same issue but have never messed about with overclocking.

I’m running a Vero 4K+ latest build 18.7

Crashing every 12hrs at least…

Black screen none responsive have to pull the power out!


Then its probably being caused by something else then. Please create a new topic and provide logs:


Thanks Tom.

Fair point… wasn’t helpful, should of known better.

Anyway wiped and reinstalled OS…
Seems to of worked.

I kept the logs so will raise a post if I see anything of interest in there.

Don’t waste the bits, previous logs will be useless now that you’ve reinstalled. Current logs are necessary when troubleshooting current problems.

Glad you are up and running again.