Raspi 3 B wont boot with USB SSD HDD

Hey there,

my OSMC Installation on a Raspi 3 B wont boot when USB (HDD) SSD is connected over an active Hub.

Hardware Setup:
Raspi 3 B
Active 4-Port USB Hub
Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD 300 - Solid State Drive | Crucial.com
Hard Drive Enclosure with SATA-to-USB controller from Toshiba
SanDisk Extreme 32 GB microSDHC with latest OSMC

What happens when i try to boot?
I can see the OSMC splash screen for a short moment, then the screen switches to completely white with a mouse arrow in the middle of the screen. I do have a USB-Mouse connected but im not able to move the mousearrow in the white screen. It seems that the raspi is completely frozen BUT
as soon as i disconnect the USB-SSD, the raspi is booting up after a few moments.

What ive tried so far

  • if i connect the USB-SSD directly without the active hub, raspi starts but the usb-ssd isnt working > im sure: not enough power
  • if i connect the USB-SSD to the active HUB and AFTER boot, it works flawless
  • if i reboot the raspi - the white screen pops up again and the boot progress hangs
  • i formatted the drive with ext4 = white boot screen
  • i also tried ntfs = white boot screen
  • i deleted all partitions and tried to setup the ssd in windows as MBR and formatted it again with ntfs = white boot screen
  • i tried the GPT Option under Windows, format as ntfs = white boot screen
  • at least i deleted the mbr completely and repartitioned + reformatted the ssd again under linux with gparted = but still white boot screen :frowning:

May you have any ideas whats the problem here?

If your reboots have been achieved by pulling the RPi power, there’s a good chance that the SD card is corrupted.
I suggest you re-install the OSMC.
Power up without hub or SSD connected.
Complete the initial configuration phase.
Turn on debugging.
Shutdown, power off.
Connect the hub and SSD.
Power up.
Now, if it fails, there will be a log file - so power down.
disconnect the hub and SSD.
Power up, and send the debug logs for us to examine

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