RasPi 4 / PVR - Interlaced Sources

Hi all,

I just bought a new Raspberry 4/4GB to use it with OSMC. The 4k picture is great as also the GUI performance is. BUT I mainly use OSMC for LiveTV (Public TV with HD content) in combination with TVHeadend. I started with the thought that the missing HW-Acceleration of the RPi4 is already compensated by SW-Algorithms which also supports interlaced material.

My conclusion after trying out a bit - back to RPi3B+ because interlaced sources aren’t watchable with an RPi4 and latest/recent OSMC (incl. all updates).

Is it correct or did I miss something important???

Best Regards from Hamburg

This was covered on the blog with release notes. Unfortunately there is no hardware deinterlacing at this time making it rather unusable for Live TV.

Thanks for the fast answer - I’ll read the ReleaseNotes more carefully next time before I post something - promised. But for me it means back to RPi3B+ (with enabled HW-Codec) and OSMC 2020-11.1 with Kodi18, right?

Is there any chance that RPi4/OSMC will ever support HD LiveTV (1080i) e.g. with sw-deinterlacing?


Hi Sam, me again after a while…

I’m still on 2020-11-1 and the Pi3+. After reading posts, release notes and so on, I’m not sure if interlacing is supported with latest releases in that way that I can watch Live TV.

Any recommendations what to? Stay on the current system? Update to the latest OSMC using a Pi4 or just use the Pi3 with latest OSMC?

Best regards

Pi3 with the latest OSMC is not great for SDR. Combing and issues with 4:3 aspect ratio not filling the screen in my experience. Can’t speak for Pi4 as I don’t have one.