RasPi OSMC Remote Control

Is it possible to use a universal remote to control OSMC?

If so what remote would I use and how would I do it?

Yes, but you will need an IR receiver. A simple TSOP will do.


just buy a simple IR Receiver Module. I made good experiences with this one:

You can simply connect the IR Receiver Module to the GPIO-Pins of the Raspberry with “female to female” jumper wires, like this ones:

Just connect the IR Receiver Module in this way:

Then select your Remote on “Programs - My OSMC”

Done! :+1:


Thank you very much Mark and Sam. I’ll try that and I’ll get back to you in a few days

Don’t you mean female to female? There are gpio pins on the raspberry pi and you’ll need female PIN slots for that as well as the IR module.

Yes, the item is wrong, but you can easily find female to female jumper wires

…of course female to female. I wrote it in the text, but posted a wrong link. SORRY!