Raspi3 - osmc crashs multiple times

Hey Guys, does anybody know what’s wrong with my system? It is a rpi3 and since 3 months I got a lot of crashes and I don not know why.

Thanks in advance.


The log shows that you have a Pi3B+.

I see you installed Raspotify in November, so that might be the cause of your problems.

Alternatively, it might also be one of the banned Kodi add-ons that you’ve installed – and for which no support is possible on this forum.

I had a similar problem when I was using some banned addons. Trouble is, you can’t tell which one is the problem.

Uninstalling them didn’t help. Not even going thru the File Manager and deleting every bit of them you can find. I had to reformat my SSD card and do a fresh install. Then everything worked fine again.

Stay away from the banned addons. There are plenty of addons in the Official Repository providing access to more legal content than you would think.