Rbp1 image file did not appear in ubuntu 14.04

ok. i decided to build osmc today in a fresh ubuntu 14.04 in amazon.
i did this ;

sudo apt-get install git-core -y
git clone git://github.com/osmc/osmc.git
cd osmc/installer/target
make rbp1

after a long build, it compiled and compressed
BUT for some reasons i couldn’t see the compiled image
in osmc/installer/target

please can someone help me out here

You’re being far too impatient!
You’ve bumped the post, having only posted 7 hours ago.
Standard forum etiquette says you leave it at least 24 hours before bumping.
This post, also, isn’t in line with what the forum is primarily intended to achieve - which is support of it’s distros, not builds you try yourself.

Am sorry, I only commented my experience on debian too