[RC] Mouse operation

The mouse vertical speed has been reduced to a more reasonable level in the RC compared with Alpha 4, but I can no longer use it to view items on list items not currently visible, so have to use the keys. I have therefore reverted to the Confluence skin.

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There are no official support for mouse in the OSMC skin as it was created with a remote in mind for the Vero device.

Wish you had made that clearer when comments were raised on A4, and trust you will include it the documentation that is likely to be read by non-Vero users.

I’ll have to reword that.

The OSMC skin is made for OSMC on all devices, not just the Vero. Vero is thought to be controlled with a remote and Kodi in general is thought the be controlled by remote on a media centre. Hence our thought to not include mouse support.

I personally know no one that uses a mouse for their media centre, especially not in the living room. They either use a keyboard only, a remote only or a combination of remote and keyboard.

The OSMC skin won’t suit everyone’s tastes (it doesn’t suit mine) but you are free to install any Kodi skin that you like.

Agreed the mouse may not be much used when actually using KODI, but I find it is more convenient for me when setting up OSMC. To avoid repeated comments of this sort I suggest ether the mouse is disabled or a warning gven in the documentation.

i am also having this issue, and it means i cant enable control from my phone, very frustrating! :frowning:

i use a yatse remote when i can but while at university i only have a mouse for initial setup