RC no control of volume with Remote VRC-1100

I have a bunch of the VRC-1100’s (cheap on amazon, worked well with RASPBMC.)

Unfortunately, so far they don’t work with OSMC. For a start, the volume up/down doesn’t work, or only partially - if I hit vol-up, it says 100%, but vol-down does nothing.

Navigation works fine.

There was a post from a few weeks ago about the VRC-1100, but it didn’t seem to result in any solutions.

Put this in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ then reboot and let me know if it fixes it https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30655053/hama_mce.xml

Thank you, that fixed volume (modulo an extra “>” in the file.)

this works also for logitech and fujitsu keyboars with multimedia keys :smile:

Hi - My first post here.
Would you know if this file would also fix the same problem with the iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard? Link: http://ipazzport.com/en_productinfo.asp?id=205

Also - can anyone kindly point me out to a fix for CEC? I have it enabled and yet does not work.

Raspberry Pi2 running OSMC.