rc6-mce lirc config

Hello all,

The only preset that works with my unknow Control4 remote is rc6-mce but I have just 1 annoying problem:

The SELECT (or OK) button seems to be mapped as TOGGLE GUI FULLSCREEN.

How can I change that? The rc6-mce confing is quite confusing.

Everything else just work perfectly. Every other preset do NOTHING when active.



Set up a remote.xml which contains the line


inside the proper start and finish bits - may do it for you

In fact, I’d like the Select button to act as it is supposed to act: to select (or enter) a menu. Right now it toggles full screen.

Are you sure your line in remote.xml will change the actual “full screen” to “enter”?

No, I’m not sure, but it is what I would try.
Have a look at ‘remotes’ in the kodi wiki for the format of a remote.xml

You should try a custom lircd.conf file. There are directions on this forum on how to do this. You might even be able to google a working lircd.conf and drop that right in.

It would be easy to edit the standard one that ships with OSMC to find the code that toggles full screen and change it to enter. However, I have no idea where it is. I write my own because it’s eaiser to change functions on the remote.