RC6 Remote Arrows Broken After Latest Update 2017.10-1

Just did an upgrade and looks like my navigation remote (arrow keys) is sending multiple or executing multiple times (three times).

I am using a Microsoft RC6 remote and get this issue. I have a Microsoft USB keyboard plugged in and the arrow keys on that are fine. Its just the RC6 remote I use is broken.

Relatively new to the Vera so no idea what I need to do to help narrow down the issue.


No changes to IR in this update.
Which version did you update from?

Try disabling the RC6 decoder in My OSMC -> Remotes.
Having it on and having an LIRC profile configured will cause duplicate presses.


Not sure the prior version updated from - is there anyway to check (happy to ssh in etc and relatively comfortable using linux).

I had RC6 decoder disabled already, but toggled it anyway and it is off. Rebooted just in case. No joy :frowning:

I checked the /etc/lirc and no files changed there.

Are you using an LIRC profile?
Did you configure your remote profile via My OSMC?

Full set of logs will give some clues.

I just uploaded a full set of logs. How to I message you privately the URL? Or can you see it already on your side?

Forgot to answer the questions

I configured the remote via MyOSMC. No LIEC profile

My OSMC uses LIRC.
It might be better to use irrecord to configure a profile


As request from prior - uploaded logs here -> https://paste.osmc.tv/atorovihez

Just been scouring the web and reading whilst at work playing around. I had the 4K for a couple of months now and since the start I always plugged in the microsoft RC6 receiver and it just use to work.

After this update the the problem described above, I read that the 4K has an inbuilt IR receiver and now the ‘Disable RC6’ seems to make sense now.

Unplugging the RC6 receiver seems to work with a quick test I did. (Need to test more, but the TV has been commandeered so have to wait).

Thanks for the help.

Sorry if I read the original post too quickly.
Having the USB receiver attached will indeed give you duplicate presses.

The internal receiver on Vero 4K will do the trick. If you are putting Vero 4K behind the TV or in a cupboard / cabinet, then there is an external receiver which you can plug in to the back of the device. This will not cause duplicate presses.