RCA No Video - Only Rumors! It's my Rasp Pi 2 broken?

I have a new italian member… and i received my Raspberry Pi 2 some hours ago :smiley:
I’m very happy and i come to site to download the OSMC (OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150315.img.gz) compare the MD5 and i have installed on my SD.

I don’t know the motive because my Trascend 8GB it’s only found to 248MB… where it’s the rest about 7GB ???

Ok… i have use the windows installer and successfully installed OSCM to my Pi 2, on my home i don’t have a HDTV and i use the RCA video+audio picked from my Sony Videocamera (it’s working) and i try to connect to my scart tv.
Put the MiniSD on slot… connect’s all (lan network…) and put the power supply:
At this point i can see the led red and green on Board… but on my TV never appen and the tv remain blank!! I can listen only some rumors like distorsion or disturbs…

I have also tryed to install (whitout resolve the “problems” whit wrong filesize of my SD) noobs sd… same result…

I don’t have tryed to use the latest (and now final) version of RASPBMC… please… confirm me it’s not my Pi 2 broken :frowning:

For NOOB SD i have read the readme files… and i have need a usb keyboard to connect on one of usb ports ?? Same things for OSMC ??

As ever… if you have some solution for wrong file size of my SD suggest to me… thanks in advance.

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That one is tricky to diagnose.
You aren’t the first to say they couldn’t get output to work from the RCA connection - I think the last had the wrong sort of lead (some devices use the 4 connections in a different order (I posted a picture of this earlier today)
If it happened that the installation got far enough (even without you being able to see it), then you might be able to login from a PC/Tablet and check things.

OH YEAH!! Great suggestion and in italian i can say “Me meschino…” :smile:
Here it’s the solution:

I have only need to change… put the read rca to video and yeah… it’s working… only i need only to test what’s the exact left and right output.

I’m stay to install Raspbian for first test…

I switch between HDMI and RCA and took me a bit to get mine working, but here is what I did:
edit the config.txt file and comment out every line that had HDMI in it with a # and then add the line sdtv_mode=0 (or 1,2,3 for your region. I think 2 is for pal). Then reboot and enjoy.

Yeah… another great suggestion :slight_smile:
But for now for resolve my problems i need only to swap the rca :smile:

Now i have also connects a adaptator (working whitout problems) for connect a ps2 mouse and one keybord to a single usb ports…

For now i’m removing Raspbian and i have installed OSMC and stay to try to configure my android smartphone for using like remote controller (but on play store there is present a lot of similar app and what’s the best) using and how i can be connect to my Pi 2… but this is a very OT here… i thinks i can open another thread for general question i have in this first days of usage…

For the controller aspect on android, I favour YATSE, but have found that, for playing music, the Music Pump app is even better

Yeah… i have installed the official XMBC remote app and for now it’s working as i aspect :smile:
Otherwise i need to open another general thread because i need some info and if i use this thread it’s all OT… thanks for all and if you want and thinks you can help me i think you can found this thread in about 5 minutes on same section :slight_smile: