Rclone install

Hello ,is there a rclone for dummies tutorial somewhere.Using a vero 4k+.
Thank you.

Sure there is, it’s called google :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Search for rclone debian.

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looked that,just dont know what to when i reach the web browser part .I cant open it .

Rclone has its own forum at https://forum.rclone.org/ and that may be a bit more advantageous place to look for information about its usage.

ok,finally got it installed but cannot make it mount on boot (it doesnt mount my drive carpet),
i have edited t crontab -e with this text
@reboot rclone mount drive: /home/osmc/drive --allow-other &.
but does not work.

Any help?Thank you

You would need to use full path to the commands and also that is not correct crontab syntax.

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And the correct syntax is…?