Reading Impress Presentation - Libreoffice with OSMC

Dear friends,
I am newbie about OSMC. I read some reviews and learn that OSMC base on raspbian so it is more open and powerful than Openelec. Could someone show me how to read (not create or edit) Impress Presentation file or PPT file with OSMC?
Or this is new and need time to develop. But I need to know if OSMC support to develop app like that. Or support to install app of Raspbian?

For that you’d need a different GUI - whereas OSMC is dedicated to the media interface of KODI.

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Which is something on the feature list of OSMC but would only come later in the development cycle

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The problem is no developers think that teacher is often low tech and less time. It is reasons why Technology and Education are still not walk together. Why a relaxing thing is needed to simple? While teaching is much more complicate.