Real shutdown so NAS can go into standby?


I would like to get a VERO 4K+ but I am not sure if I could use it with the following feature I have with my RPI3:

I’m using osmc on RPI3 (connected to a remotePI).
When I turn on the RPI3 (via the remotePI), it send a WOL signal to my NAS (on which there is my movies and music).
As soon as my NAS detects that the RPI3 is no longer connected to the network, it shutdowns itself.

Thanks to the remotePI, I can really shutdown the RPI3, and so the NAS shutdowns itself when I’m done watchnig movie / listening to music.

From what I understand, We cannot really shutdown the VERO 4K+ ? So I’m not sure if my NAS (running openmediavault) could shutdown itself after I’m done watching movies/music on the VERO 4k+ ?

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you !


The Vero 4K + has a suspend option. If you suspend it and you do not keep a file handle open (i.e. suspend with a movie paused), your NAS will be able to spin down and in turn, turn off. We won’t keep the shares alive.

Your NAS must be configured to turn itself off however – we don’t handle that side of things.

Let me know if you have any other questions


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