Recent Power Issues

Recently, directly powering my Vero 4K stopped working. I checked the power supply with a multimeter and it still works. There seems to be a problem with the Vero itself.

I noticed that I can also power Vero through the USB ports. Would there be any reason not to do so? Does it matter through which of the two ports? (noticed they have different colors)

Also, how do I open the Vero? Just to have a look if it is something easy fixable.


Did you test it under load?

Does the light come on in the TOSlink? Even so, the PSU may not be supplying 5v when connected. Do you have another PSU to connect to the barrel socket?

Seems to work with either, but it’s designed to be powered through the white one for flashing.

No, there is no light in the TOSlink.

Unfortunately not. I’ll check for local stores to test/buy one.

Ok, thanks. That would also be a permanent solution for me if there is no reason not to do so.

I don’t know if there are power restrictions on USB.

If you have a 4-ohm resistor handy (a big one!) you could check the PS under load.

I’ll try to find one of those. Thanks for your help!

Closest standard values are 3.9 or 4.7 Ohms

I only said 4 because I have a couple of 20W 4-ohm resistors I use for amp testing.