Recently added movies not updating

Hi everyone,

My house has 2 vero4k’s and to keep them in sync I have the database on my server via MySQL.

This used to work fine but recently I noticed that if I added content it would not show up in “Recently added movies” in estuary skin. I can however find the newly added files via the normal ways which means, they were added.

Is this a kodi issue? mysql? or osmc?

Logs are attached

Please also upload logs from second Vero for comparison.

How do you add new content and which device are you using to scan it into the library?

Seems you have an issue with the local texture database.

2022-04-29 12:00:22.659 T:2709    ERROR <general>: SQL: [Textures13.db] SQLite error SQLITE_CORRUPT (database disk image is malformed)
                                                   Query: PRAGMA cache_size=4096
                                                    (database disk image is malformed)

This may not be related to the problem but I suggest to remove the texture database and let it regenerate
systemctl stop mediacenter
rm .kodi/userdata/Database/Textures13.db
systemctl start mediacenter

Thank you for spotting that. I uploaded fresh logs of both my vero’s

strangly enough the problem remains the same but the previous error is nowhere to be found

2022-04-29 11:55:15.010 T:4791    ERROR <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.library.node.editor/?actionPath=%2fhome%2fosmc%2f.kodi%2fuserdata%2flibrary%2fvideo%2fmovies%2frecentlyaddedmovies.xml&ltype=video&type=addPath

Ok, so please answer the question how you add new content and which device you use to scan it into the library.

Hmm, not sure how it is related, but just added new content and it was actually added to the recent category. The files that have been added in between did not get added.

problem solved, no clue how. Maybe the texturedb was somehow related.

Thank you ever so much.

(new content just means a new subfolder with a movie or tvshow in the server share and scanning done on startup or manually)

Not sure how texturecache13.db could have caused items not to show up in that list since it only deals with artwork. Regardless, once you deleted that database you effectively abandoned all the old thumbnail files which Kodi will not clean up on its own. You may want to reclaim this space with…

rm -r ~/.kodi/userdata/Thumbnails
systemctl restart mediacenter

Your advancedsettings.xml has import watched status enabled. Do the items in question have nfo files that contain a tag for them being watched? Estuary’s recently added widget only shows unwatched items so this combination could explain what your seeing.