Recommendation for WiFi-Dongle to use with OSMC and Raspberrypi 4 needed

Hello there,

today I first tried out the current Kodi Version on my Rapspberrypi 4. Before that, i was using Kodi 18 on my Raspberrypi 3. Unfortunately my WiFi Dongle (CSL 300) does not work with the current OSMC-Version. As far as i found out, this is because the driver for the old realtek chipset isn’t provided by the current kernel (correct me if i’m wrong).

So my Question is: Who is using his/her raspberrypi 4 with a wifi dongle and would give me a recommendation which dongle is a good one to purchase and use with raspberrypi 4?

I know that raspberrypi 4 has built-in wifi, but for several reasons using that is not an option for me.

Thanks a lot in advance

Could you tell us what they are? They might conceivably affect the recommendation.

Could you tell us what they are? They might conceivably affect the recommendation.

My whole setup is installed in a former radio receiver case which is completely metal. So the WiFi signal does not reach through that case. The dongle can be installed into a usb port i attached to the case, so the dongle is outside that case.


i’am in a similar situation.
Did you manage to find a working external USB WIFI dongle ?

We will launch an OSMC supported version in the near future


I swiched to the integrated wifi by increasing the signal strength of my wifi network and adding some holes to the case.
It works good enough to stream Netflix 720p and other video services.

Many thanks Sam and Kreuss,

My OSMC is running on a RPi4, i’ve search and tried to use an RTL8812BU USB Dongle with no luck.

Tried to compile many drivers version but the process already failed.
Hard for me to say if the problem came from OSMC as i used the correct headers.

My guess is that my main issue to a sucessfull compilation came from the 64bits Kernel.
One of the different drivers i tested was compiling fine on a 32 bits Raspi-OS.

More details here : On OSMC · Issue #10 · fastoe/RTL8812BU_for_Raspbian · GitHub

I finally managed to improve my network connection by tuning the WIFI Channel setup.

You’re building for the wrong architecture. You need to use Pi4 (aarch64) headers.