Recommended device for coaxial out


Is there any recommended device for get coaxial audio out from Vero 4k+? I have a new OLED TV, but my AV receiver (Denon avr-1713), can’t manage 4k video.

So I have connect the Vero 4k+ to an HDMI from TV, the TV will passthrough audio to AV Receiver, but this TV (Panasonic gz960), doesn’t allow DTS passthrough.

I could connect the Vero 4+ to receiver with an optical connection, but the only optical connection in the AV Receiver, is used by TV (I can use ARC from TV because it tries to pass DD+ and the AV receiver doesn’t decode correctly).

So I think that maybe an HDMI adaptor with an audio coaxial out could help my purpose, but not sure if it can limit the video quality.

Any idea? Can Vero 4k+ re-encode DTS or other formats to AC3 (for TV passthrough).

I’ll renew the AV receiver in the future, but not now.


Yes, check the system audio settings and make sure expert view is enabled.

This might be one of those situations where an HDFury AVRKey would help. Or an Egreat H10.