Red Light Blinking during feed the wifi password

Good Evening All,

In My Raspberry Pi 3 B - just i have loaded the OSMC and it is working good, but when i try to entering the Password in the My OSMC menu page, it get freeze and start blinking the Red LED, I have been cycling the RPI power 3 times and the same problem I am facing always, now I am using the 5v, 2.5 amps smart phone power supply.

What could be reason for this issue, pls suggest for the possible solution


This would be my guess. That’s a charger, not a proper power supply.

Yes Red Mi phone power supply

But it is playing videos, when ever trying to feed the wifi password it turns and blinking red LED??
Then what is the right power supply to be used??

A smart phone power supply is usually a simple charger. Chargers are not designed to give a stable voltage under load, which the Raspberry Pi most definitely needs.

The official Raspberry Pi power supply works well, and the OSMC store also has a suitable power supply.

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