Red Mute in upper corner (BUT I HAVE SOUND)

I am running latest update of osmc and suddenly overnight a red mute symbol appeared. there has been no software change as the device isn’t connected to the internet. My Pi is outputting sound via HDMI to my Yamaha receiver and I HAVE SOUND. This problem doesn’t affect my ability to use the device i’m just trying to get the symbol to go away. When i try volume up or down from any of the connected remotes it just changes the volume of my receiver not KODI. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Can you connect a keyboard than it should be quote easy to fix.
Otherwise use yatse (Android Remote).

One of my remotes is a rii wireless keyboard and mouse combo volume still controls my receiver because of HDMI-CEC pass-through. I have tried both Yatse and Kore, and in Kore it shows i’m muted but when I volume to 100 it automatically mutes it again. and in Yatse if i unmute I have no sound but mute and i do have sound. Seems they are reversed somehow.

After a reboot and turning off all devices it seems to have reset. don’t know what the cause was but it seems to be fixed now