Red "no audio" symbol but sound fine?

Following update to 2016.06-2 update to RPi3 OSMC the red “no audio” symbol appears and is persistent in the upper right corner of the display, however the audio sounds fine on a video.

The “click” with menu operations is GONE on all settings of the “play GUI sounds” setting.

Symptom unaffected by "“Audio Output Device selection” my usual HTMI:Pi or ALSA.

On cursory look all else seems fine.


What skin are you using ? There is no “red no audio symbol” on the OSMC skin in the upper right corner.

Are you sure you are not seeing a small red square, which indicates the Pi 3 is throttling its speed due to overheating ?

Using Confluince.

Symbol is in the upper right corner, above where the low voltage or hi temp can appear.

Symbol is a small red speaker in a circle with a slash through it.

That’s a mute symbol, you will still hear sound if using passthrough. you can make it go away by unmuting. F8 on keyboard

Unmute what? TV is fine on other inputs.

Kodi is muted

Thank you. F8 did it. Where is that documented, how do I do it without hooking up a keyboard?

I suspect you have passthough enabled, which is why you heard audio when muted.

Indeed, I do have passthrough enabled.

Is there a way to un-mute with just the remote?

Thank you very much for the help here, I did not even know KODI could mute so I would have been a long time getting this.

By default the remote volume controls should work on Kodi. Most people remap them to their audio source

Well, it’s not muted by default and it is now, so that suggests you were able to mute it with the remote…
Connecting a USB keyboard or using a phone remote, or using the web interface are all ways or toggling mute.