Refresh web based content inside Main Menu shortcuts/Favorites

While using RTP Play (which is able to stream the tv channels from that network’s website), when I create a shortcut in the Main Menu to the list of live channels in the Video Addon, it appears that OSMC saves the listed links as they were when the shortcut is created and doesn’t refresh them when it’s accessed from that shortcut.

The list of channels itself isn’t supposed to change, yet to each channel is appended the tv show that is being broadcasted on that moment. It refreshes if I go through Video addons and all the menus but as soon as I try to access it directly it looks like it’s static content.

I’ve tried adding it to favorites and creating a shorcut to that and I’ve also tried using Watchdog (that is for files but could for some reason work) and XMBC Library Update (also for files), all to no avail.

Any ideas about this am I missing something?