Reinstall Kodi from command line?

Kodi on my Raspberry Pi 3 stopped working.
The rest of the operating system is working, I can log in with ssh and other services installed are running correctly, but Kodi does not start: no video signal is sent to my tv, and trying to start it from command line using sudo systemctl start mediacenter has no effect.

Here are the logs:

Is it possible to completely remove Kodi and reinstall it from scratch from the command line? Using apt, maybe?


Kodi is starting, but there seems to be an issue with cec; which is preventing display:

09:13:16.721 T:1753301760   ERROR: CecLogMessage - RegisterLogicalAddress - CEC is being used by another application. Run "tvservice --off" and try again.
09:13:16.721 T:1753301760   ERROR: CecLogMessage - Open - vc_cec could not be initialised
09:13:16.721 T:1753301760   ERROR: CecLogMessage - could not open a connection (try 9)

This is repeated through out the log. I would take a backup of your .kodi folder and then do a fresh install of osmc.

Thanks Tom.

In your previous post, you had to remove and re-install samba, and now you are having problems with Kodi. I suspect you have a failing SD card. Backup your .kodi and do a fresh install on a new SD card.

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