Reinstalling osmc on Vero 4K+

After a recent power outage I had been experiencing issues with my Vero box. I followed the instructions on here to reinstall osmc and after trying two different usb sticks, I get no results. I was able to download the installer on the card and create the image on it through windows. When I plug the box back in with the usb in, one of two things usually happens…
1 - it hangs at welcome “ please stand by” screen
2- it begins to install and hangs after partially completing the task.


Are you sure it’s hanging and it’s not just a slow USB stick?
I’d suggest trying a micro SD card

Good morning,
I tried two usb sticks and both don’t work.

I’m trying a micro sd with the adaptor on my Mac but it won’t mount it. I don’t have a pc here with sd reader. The sd card is new and I tried it on two different macs same result.

Does sd card have to be formatted?

No – writing the image will effectively write the correct partitions to the device.


Ok, thanks. Now it keeps getting stuck on the screen where it says “ you have 50 seconds to power down before the device is formatted”. A few min ago it stalled in the screen just past this point during the install part.

Then I think you need to check that the power supply and device itself are not damaged. Did you lose power during a surge / storm?

Yes we lost power. It did work just fine after the storm. Then I lost my harmony Bluetooth remote connection so I restarted the box and ever since then, I’ve not been able to get it working

Is the device plugged directly in to the wall?

Through a surge protector. I was able to upload the image onto my sd card at my office. Once I get home I will try that as well. Should I be leaving the name of the file as “kernel” or recovery?

Thanks for your help so far!

It should be connected directly to the wall outlet

You don’t need to rename the file given that the installer has been coming up

I will try connecting it to the wall and use the sd card when i return home!

Nope, still getting stuck on the installing files screen. Suggestions? I tried the sd card and the power plug from my other vero box

Did you connect it directly to the wall?

Surge protectors can cause problems with the device which is why we do not recommend using them.

Yes I tried that! No luck

The RAM may have been damaged from a surge. You can contact with order details to start the RMA process.

Email sent with my original order info. Thanks again for the troubleshooting assistance.

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