Remote control app for android that lets you access folders in attached HDD


I have OSMC running in my raspberry and I have been looking for a remote control app that allows me to look at folders in the external HDD.

The thing is, I have sorted my music in folders but the remote apps I have tried give me Artist/Album/Song/Year/Genre options. I would like to have direct access to my folders as they contain music arranged the way I want it to be, which is pretty much “mix tapes” if you will, making the genre etc. options rather useless.


Thank you!

Update, I have found a semi-work around by making a playlist with each folder. But it is still quite a number of folders and I assume each time a folder is modified (like more music being added) then I have to manually update the playlist.

Still looking for the aforementioned app.

In Yatse you got Files/playlist in options, and you chose category “audiofiles” and chose any of your folder-shortcuts. I got one called music2, thats a smb-share from my laptop and it browsed perfectly to it, and started a song i wanted to play.

But i dont get the external discs listed tho, just the Sources (folder-shortcuts) i’ve mapped on them. Like Kids-movies shortcut to on /dev/sdb2/kids/movies, i can see Kids-movies and navigate into it

So my suggestion is that you make a “folder-shortcut”(add source) and point it to a the topfolder in your music-folder tree, Then you could navigate all the folders below

Navigate to Music/files/Add music… Browse to your folder, root filesystem, /media/yourdisc/ OK
Enter the name of the source(folder-shortcut) for example “Musicdisc”, OK

If you know try via yatse or Kore remote software you should see the Source in you list and be able to navigate it


Tak ska du ha!!!