Remote control, heatsink and general queries


I’ve just set up OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 2 and it’s great!

I have a few questions that I wondered if someone could answer:

  • I couldn’t work out how to connect a Windows Phone 8.1 Kodi remote app to the RPi (It wanted a Port no. and password…) or will the official OSMC remote control work with my Raspberry Pi (if not, what is the best alternative?).
  • Is it necessary for me to get a heatsink, or is that only really needed for the RPi 3?

Thanks for your help!


B- unlikely you’ll need a heatsink for an rpi2 unless you live in a desert or are trying to mine btc with it.

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Thanks for quick reply, just solved the iPlayer issue (found the add-ons settings).

One other thing: is it straightforward to get a DVD drive connected to OSMC on the Pi? Do I just need any old drive from Amazon that connects via USB.


The official remote works with Pi.

For Windows Phone, unless you changed anything, Port 80 is what you should put in.

Depending on your power supply, you may need a powered hub. Not all retail discs can be played from Kodi if they are encrypted (just something to keep in mind)

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Got the remote control app working, thanks!

Another question (sorry): I was thinking of buying a 128gb usb thumb drive to increase storage on my Pi. I would be using this to store TV shows and music. Will the system cope with accessing this sort of file for playback from the usb stick? (Just don’t want to go and spend the money without being sure!)

Should be fine.

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