Remote control lag?

Hi guys,
Got my Vero 4k+ last week and I’m very impressed so far with everything ( I’ve had WD live, Popcorn hour, AC Ryan and lots of other devices over the years) EXCEPT the remote.

It seems to lag and the device stops receiving instructions from the remote. I’ve re-paired a couple of time, changed the remote battery, rebooted more than a couple of time, let the vero sit for hours in case it’s the player itself that’s busy but nothing seems to work. It happens at completely random time as well, no pattern at all. I’ve now connected the remote from an old WD Live and that’s working perfectly also I’ve used a cheap mini wireless usb keyboard and that also works perfectly.

I suspect it’s a faulty remote but any help or advise would be great.


Can you take a video to show this behaviour?


Hi Sam,
Sorry about the slow reply. I won’t be able to post a video for a while because on my way to work some joker pulled out of their drive and wiped me out on my poor Aprilia!! :sob: No broken bones but very sore all over (more importantly the bike is a mess!) and if I’m honest I’m just too sore to be crawling around on the floor.
On a brighter note now that I’ve played with the incredibly impressive Vero 4k+ with my old WD remote I’m positive I prefer the extra functionality it provides over the included remote so even if we got to the bottom of the problem the Vero remote would end up back in the box.

Overall I’m a very happy customer and you can consider the matter closed.

Now I’ve just got to worry about my beautiful Italian bike… :fearful:


Sorry to hear that! Get well soon.

You did pay for the remote as part of the Vero 4K +, so if you want us to swap it over, I’d be more than happy



That would be great,
There is no rush for it though. How should I return the old remote?

If you contact or raise a ticket via My Account and put a link to this page we’ll take care of it.

Done that now cheers.
BTW now that I’ve got a bit of time to sit and do nothing but watch TV/Movies I’ve got to say I’m really very impressed with this device even the missus thinks it’s better than the VTEN.