Remote control not working

I’m having an issue gaining remote access either through the web interface or with the official XBMC remote app (iOS). I’ve turned on “Allow control of Kodi via HTTP”, “Allow programs on this system to control Kodi”, “Allow programs on other systems to control Kodi”. None of these options seem to make any difference. I can SSH into my Pi and that works fine, so it’s not a network accessibility issue. Any suggestions?

Just tested the official iOS remote control app on my iPhone 6 on the latest (soon to be released) RC build and it works fine.

All I had to do is enable “allow control of kodi via HTTP” under web sever, and make sure I entered the IP address and port number in the iOS app.

On Alpha 4 it may not work correctly on port 80 due to a bug in the mediacenter service script - change the port to 8080 on both Kodi and the iOS app and that should work around that. (Or wait for the RC)

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Thank you that worked perfectly!

I am still unable to access the webpage remote for it this way.

My other box running Kodi is fine: I just type in the IP address of the Raspberry Pi into my computer’s browser and I can control it from there, but it shows nothing when I try to access the OSMC version.


What does “shows nothing” mean - a browser will come up with some sort of error after a while.

What port do you have it set to in Kodi ? If it’s not set to port 80 you will have to enter the port number in the URL for example for port 8080:

That worked! Thanks!