Remote controll no wifi

i would like to be able to control OSMC with my android phone when i have no wifi

from what ive found the best way to do this is by turning on tethering in OSMC an then connecting to it on my phone as it were a hotspot (if theres a better way id love to here it)

i have a little wifi usb plugged into my Pi and works fine
when i go into Network settings and tethering and try to enable ethernet to wifi or wifi to ethernet i get

Error enabling hotspot see log for details

can someone tell me what im doing wrong and which log it is i need to get? thanks

You don’t need tethering in OSMC if the phone is the hotspot. Just connect from OSMC to the wifi provided when the phone’s hotspot is activated.

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AFAIK tethering in OSMC won’t activate if no Ethernet connection is available.

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ok i will try this as well but i reads somewhere it was better to use the OSMC as the hotspot and to connect to that, but i’ll be happy enough if it works,

ok that seems to work but now Yatse sees OSMC as being off line i take it you cant use this when tethering, is there another solution for this

Yes, enter the ip of OSMC manually in the yatse config.

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thanks ActionA