Remote does not function when watching full screen PVR video

After the update to 19.1 and using this HD Home Run plugin:

I tested it with a fresh install using stock skins and just installing the plugin. I can watch other videos with the remote working as expected, but once I launch a recorded or live PVR TV stream the remote just doesnt do anything and I need to reboot the Vero 4K to do anything.

I’ve tried a number of various things and cant get it to change its results. I am curious if this is down to some weird keymapping needed for PVR video? why would be the case?

I’ve downgraded back to 18.x from a backup and am running that for now. Any idea why this would happen??

Also the remote in general (Using an RC6 compatible IR remote, but also tried with the Vero RF remote) is laggy under 19.1 with my Vero 4K. MUCH faster going back to the 18.x build.

I don’t see how it could be. The fullscreen PVR uses the same keymap as fullscreen video except for anything that is specificly keymapped to the PVR window. I use that same Zuki add-on on my daily drivers both Vero and RPi and have not experienced anything out of sorts with playback controls. I’m also not sure how the OSMC remote would have become less responsive. I would suggest trying a clean install instead of an update and see how that works out for you. Perhaps there is something else in your Kodi that is interacting poorly with the update.

This is surprising – do you know which version of OSMC you were on before?