Remote is only working within 2m range

Hello there,

I got a vero 1st gen and the remote suddenly stopped working normaly and I have to get realy close to the box in order to get the remote to work.

Any advice?
The batteries were replaced already.


Dirty or scratched led or receiver?


Did you change the battery with new batteries, or just some that you had spare. Has anything else changed in your environment recently?


Thanks for the replies.
I used a totally new buyed energizer cell.

I unscrewed the Vero box and removed the black glass infront of the receiver.
Didn’t changed anything.
Can’t dissamble the remote, seems a bit to fragile to me.

Do not remove the black platic. It is a filter.
If this didn’t work though, listen to what Sam says :slight_smile:

Have you changed any light globes recently ?
Have you moved the vero to a differnt location ?

Some compact low energy fluorescents have a filthy amount of IR output that can raise the noise floor as seen by the IR receiver drastically reducing its range.

Well it doesn’t matter if its day or night or if I watch with lights on or not.

after I removed the filter, it still had the same behavior. Not better nor worse.