Remote Issues (probably my fault)

Hey all,

So a couple of years ago (maybe more) I put my Vero 4K away in a drawer because I bought it mainly for 3D MVC and at the time it didn’t do it. I’ve read on here that now it is supported so got it back out again to give it a whirl.

I’ve plugged it back in and everything boots up just fine. However the remote does not work. I feel like this is could be my fault. Should there be a wireless dongle plugged into the Vero to make the remote work? If there should be it’s not in there! Is there another way round getting the Vero to work with an app? I’ve downloaded the iPhone Kodi app but it doesn’t find the Vero. Obviously I can’t get into the settings to change anything as the remote is not currently up and running. The Vero is plugged in via Ethernet.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes - there is an external receiver you need to plug in. If it helps I can upload a photo of what it looks like.

Well you could control it via your TV remote using CEC function of the TV/Vero.
Or any USB would also work.

Thanks Sam. I have looked everywhere for any type of mini dongle but can’t find anything at all. I have looked on the store and seen a Bluetooth dongle on there. I can only assume it’s about that size. I have got what looks like a 3.5 aux wire with what looks like IR receiver on the end that was in the Vero box.

Excuse my ignorance here. How would I set that up if I can’t access any of the Vero functions? Are there certain button presses to get a TV remote to work with the Vero? And when you say it works with any USB. Any USB what? Dongle and remote combo?

Unless you have disabled it (either on TV or Vero) any modem TV supports CEC so e.g. the cursor buttons on the TV should allow you to control the Vero.

Sorry missed a word.
Any USB Keyboard (either wired or wireless with dongle).

Can I just buy a new dongle? Or do I need to buy a new remote too?

This depends on your order #. We’ve updated the remote a few times since original release.
I’d suggest emailing


Thank you. I have emailed in. Have a nice day.

I’ll get back to you in a day or so – as you can imagine things are shutting down a bit around Christmas