Remote problems

My remote works mostly out of the box, but a couple of important buttons don’t seem to work. Normally, I’d say ‘no problem’ and just remap them, but I’ve run into some trouble.

The ‘info’ button (usually mapped to the ‘i’ key on the keyboard) will not work and nothing is logged when I push the button in debug mode. Other buttons work and are logged, but not info.

I have tried irw, ir-record, and mode2. I cannot get any output from any of them, so I’m guessing there is something else I’m missing that’s new?

I’m new to OSMC, but I’m pretty experienced with Linux and have used XBMC/Kodi for the past 8 years or so. All of this exact same equipment worked out of the box with OpenELEC, so I know it is capable of working, but I found OpenELEC to be less stable than I liked and I also like the level of OS control that OSMC offers, so I’d really like to stick with OSMC…

…But without the ‘info’ button, the wife acceptance factor is a problem.

If you guys could point me in the right direction of where to start looking, I’m glad to do whatever work is necessary. It seems like this is an issue with the kernel thinking this is a keyboard and not a remote, maybe? I’m not sure and answers I find around on various forums are inconclusive at best.

If someone could shed some light, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Here are logs, which may or may not be useful:

What remote type?

It’s a VRC-1100. It’s always worked as a generic media center usb remote on every other system I’ve had installed.

A common name for that remote is Hama but it is sold under a variety of names. The Info key is hardwired to the right mouse key. /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/hama_mce.xml maps the star key (left of the zero key) to info and the hash key (right of the zero) to the context menu. There are some other mappings that can be modified, see the paste below

		<numpadtimes>Info</numpadtimes>  <!--star key -->
		<numpadfive mod="alt">ContextMenu</numpadfive>  <!--hash key -->
		<return mod="alt">XBMC.ActivateWindow(Home)</return>  <!--Start key -->
		<f4 mod="alt">Info</f4>  <!--close key -->
		<r mod="ctrl">Info</r>   <!--record key -->			

If you want to edit hama_mce.xml then you should first copy it to /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ and edit the file in userdata as it will survive an update in that location.