Remote stops working occasionally

My Pi2B GPIO remote occasionally stops working. It happens once a week, once a month, completely random, but always during watching a movie - I just can’t pause or stop it. I need to use Kore app to pause/stop a movie, and after that the remote works normally. Someone had that issue?

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I have the same problem on Pi3. It stops recognising the IR remote seemingly at random times. If I use the Kodi Remote app on my phone to press any button it starts recognising the IR remote again.

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i have the same issue, thought it was my remote. i can be typing to search for a movie and half of the letters appear. i go back and retype it and it works fine. Sometimes i have to do it 3 or 4 times to get it to work…

I have the same problem: GPIO IR intermittently stops responding for a while (I’d say less than two minutes). If this happens, I control Kodi via CEC and the TV’s remote.

I am not entirely sure, but it seems the situation improved a bit once I added a 100 Ohm resistor and a 0.1µF capacitor to the (TSOP31236) receiver circuit as recommended in the datasheet. Maybe a higher capacity would be even better. What’s your setup and would it be an option for you to modify the circuit?

Has this always been a problem for you guys, or just since the Krypton release? (I ask because I have had the GPIO remote working without issue for many months, but noticed occasional freezing problems only after the recent Kodi upgrade.)

My system is at least 1 year old. I was about to upgrade it, but if you say this happens with newer releases too, I think it won’t help.

For me it’s an old problem, not just on OSMC (Jarvis and Kodi), but also on OpenELEC (Isengard) before. I’m also seeing lirc messages like these even while IR appears to work correctly:

Apr 13 20:31:24 mc-wohnzimmer kernel: lirc_rpi: AIEEEE: 0 0 58efc3fc 58efc3be 6b38c 3c65d
Apr 13 20:32:12 mc-wohnzimmer kernel: lirc_rpi: AIEEEE: 1 1 58efc42c 58efc3fc badef 6b4b6
Apr 13 20:41:00 mc-wohnzimmer kernel: lirc_rpi: AIEEEE: 0 0 58efc63c 58efc42c a68d baea4
Apr 13 20:55:33 mc-wohnzimmer kernel: lirc_rpi: AIEEEE: 1 1 58efc9a5 58efc935 1c75b 1a4f4
Apr 13 20:58:08 mc-wohnzimmer kernel: lirc_rpi: AIEEEE: 0 0 58efca40 58efc9a5 b6ca5 1c75b

Are there some news on this problem? I have the same problem till the update to Krypton.